Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break Fun

Last week during my Spring Break, I was super brave and took both of my kids and one of Leila's friends- wild redhaired child- to Ikea. Ali and I picked the girls up after school and drove out there for lunch. Once I got them to stop screaming the trip out wasn't too bad. We got there and they raced around like wild children. (What do I mean "like?" they ARE wild!) Then we got our meatballs for lunch- wild redhaired child didn't really like hers. Oh well. My kids ate theirs up. Then the girls got to go to Smalland. Ali thought it highly unfair that he didn't get to go to, but they have a firm rule about being potty trained, and he isn't. So, he cried his way through housewares, and gave the occasional sniffle through linens. We raced over to frames, and by this time he was leaning back on the enormous pillow in the cart and falling asleep. Just as his eyes shut, we got to checkout, and I had to wake him up. Poor kid. I took our purchases out to the car before I picked up the girls, earning me a scolding from the woman behind the counter. I guess you can't even leave the building for one second when your kids are in there. My car was only two feet away, but still. The final part of our IKEA routine is frozen yogurt- so, we trooped over there and each got a cone. The kids take about an hour to eat theirs, but I've learned its better to do this at a table then in the car. I hoped that they would settle down on the way home and Ali could sleep, but no- it was party all the way back. I was exhausted.

So, part of the point of this post is to say that Ali got two new night lights to go next to his bed- a moon and a star. The idea was that maybe these would help him to sleep in his own bed. He also got a green blanket. The first night he got all ready and got into bed with his lights on (they had actually been on most of the afternoon) but then couldn't sleep of course. While he's gotten a lot of fun out of his star and his moon, they haven't helped him to sleep in his own bed. Oh well.

He also made it very clear that he doesn't want the toucan hanging up in the room anymore. So, I have to get that down. I think it scares him somehow.

We also went to the zoo on Friday- we even got membership. I plan to go often this summer. The kids didn't have that much fun as we went in the afternoon and they were getting tired. Leila wanted to eat her way through the zoo even though we had already had lunch. Luckily I brought snacks.
Before we went Ali was naming all the animals that we were going to see- giraffes, elephants, alligators, and monkeys.


concretegodmother said...

sounds like tiring fun. our spring break is next week, thank god. no kids. just a dog and mendocino. and again i say, thank god.

any word on those interviews?

some chick said...

hey, killian has the moon and star lights, but we haven't hooked them up yet since we think he's too young and he'll just pull them off the wall.

mary judah has a pink and white flower lights.

we also got bunk beds, mattresses, and linens from ikea - killian got the blue castle themed one and mary judah got the pink castle themed one. killian also got the long dragon and mary judah got the rat.

it's a pretty cute set-up.

after saying all that, i really feel like i just sold my soul to ikea - at least the soul of the kid's room.