Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kid's have a messed up concept of time

Yesterday S's mom asked Leila what time I got home. Leila replied that I got home very late- sometimes they even had dinner twice- and sometimes I was so late that I didn't come home until the next morning.
This is blatantly untrue. I've never ONCE stayed out all night since the kids were born and not for a long time before that, either. I used to like the curfew that shut the dance places down at 1:00 am, just so I could go home. And I've been known to go to sleep at 11:00 on New Year's Eve, just because.
In addition, I make dinner almost every night and eat it with the kids, and I give them a bath and put them to bed most nights. So where is she getting this from? Is it the one night a week I go to class and occasionally come home to find them in bed? (We're working on this- it isn't supposed to be occasionally, but always.) Is it the infrequent outings with friends? Is it the beginning of the semester crazies that had me rolling in a little later than usual?
I guess she needs more mommy time.

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