Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Grandma's in the house!

And everyone is loving it. Leila got to sleep with her last night, which is oh so special, because she's been telling me for a while now that she wants to sleep with me, and I always tell her that our bed is too full with her brother in there, and she says she's scared, and I say no she's not. So last night she got a super treat. (Grandpa didn't get to come because he's on jury duty- somebody's got to do it!)
Ali wanted to sleep with Grandma last night. He thought it a great idea, and lay down with Leila and giggled for a few minutes. Then he got up and bounced off some more walls, and giggled some more. We kept telling him to go to sleep, but he didn't want to. Then he wanted some water, so he went and asked grandma for some. I suggested a sippy cup, and he repeated what I said. So grandma pulled every sippy cup out of the cupboard, and Ali said- not that one! the green one. She kept trying and trying, and I could hear the frustration rising in both their voices. (I wasn't enjoying this exactly, but it was nice to be hearing the conversation rather than participating in it.) Finally baba got in on the conversation and put Ali up on the counter so that he could point out the actual cup that he wanted. When my mom finally identified the green NON sippy cup that he wanted, Ali said- "I don't want a cup. I'm not thirsty." And he ran off.
My treat? Grandma bathes the kids and puts them to bed, and get to do my stuff for work and class. And it's nice to have a grownup to sit down to dinner with.

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