Sunday, February 03, 2008


You know you've dealt with too many dirty diapers when you start dreaming about them. Yup. This morning I woke from dreams of Ali and a very messy diaper. I can't wait until he potty trains himself. That's right- I said himself. Remember that Leila did that for herself? I'm only hoping he'll do the same. Or maybe I can get her to help him do it. Hmmm.
The night before last I dreamt that Rocks in My Dryer had invited me to go on a bloggers trip with her to London. She's off to Uganda on a trip with Compassion to blog about the children there, but for some reason, my dream was about London; she invited me Sunday morning and the flight was that afternoon. I didn't hesitate.
Unfortunately, of the two dreams, the only one likely to become real is the first one. Oh, well, "the everyday housewife who gave up the good life." (Except I'm not a housewife in the true sense of the word, and this IS the good life. What was Glenn Campbell thinking?)
And speaking of the meaning of the word "housewife," I don't think Real Housewives of Orange County is using the term properly. I just went over there and took a quiz on which housewife I am. Every questions is missing one response: NONE OF THE ABOVE! Being forced to choose the answers closest to me, I'm most like Tammy, which is not bad. (She's the poorest one!) I know, I know- I shouldn't even be watching this show. But it is so far from most people's reality that it's entertaining.

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