Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The microwave

is a mother's friend. I know, the rays can zap the dingo out of you, but still for someone like me that needs her coffee hot, but often has to deal with children in the middle of a cup, it's a life saver.
Monday morning I was sitting enjoying a cappucino with a decadent croissant, when I hear a thunk and a holler from the living room. Somehow, Ali's breakfast bowl, sans cereal but not milk, has flown off the table and across the room. Milk is puddled at his feet on the chair, and spotted across the newly washed floor. Ali is standing as far from the milk as he can on the edge of the chair, and complaining about his wet pants. I clean him up and the floor up, and return to my cold cappucino, not nearly as annoyed as I would be if I hadn't my magical heating machine. And at least I was half- caffeninated. The number of times I've had to change poopy diapers and wipe dirty bottoms before even one eye opening sip of coffee is too many.


concretegodmother said...

Ode to microwave. Ode to caffeine. Amen, and amen.

Never had to change a diaper or clean up mysterious cereal-milk spills before coffee...but even mere civility before coffee seems downright cruel to demand.

some chick said...

while I can appreciate and empathize with you about your pivotal cup of morning coffee getting interrupted, I could never microwave my coffee. that's just wrong.

sorry girl, I had to say it.

Lomagirl said...

It's the coffee or the kids.

concretegodmother said...

Haha! Somehow the fact that it's cappucino lessens the awfulness that is reheated coffee. I guess it's all the milk and sugar stuff that tempers the atrocity. :-)

dlyn said...

Much I adore my microwave for certain things, if my coffee gets cold, I either just drink it or toss it and start over.
Very nice blog - I will be back to check you out again!