Sunday, October 07, 2007

Leila's favorite words

Yesterday morning Leila announced that her favorite words were "horse" and "cat." A little while later we went to the Cottonwood Art Festival in a park near our house, and almost immediately we saw some paintings of horses. Right next to it was a booth with some other pictures of animals, including one of a fat, contented cat. We spent some time in the booth, and then I asked Leila to tell the artist which her favorite picture was. Of course, she said the horses. Luckily he laughed, and I explained that she should say her favorite from his booth- the cat! His art is called thoughtful art and it is very thoughtful. He had a piece that was based on the 23rd Psalm, and so when he said he was local I asked if he'd been in the show that I'd had a piece in back in May at PCPC's art show. He had, so we had a nice chat about that.
The art this year, at least in the first two rows that we covered before the rain sent us home, was very fun and playful- great for kids. I will have ot post links to all my favorites.

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