Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The kids

have enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa around for a week. I hardly spend time with Leila when my mom is here. Ali, on the other hand, has been having spectacular meltdowns when nothing is right and everything is "NOOO." It doesn't help that when he is whining and crying Leila starts in on doing it too, in a mocking, big sister kind of way. If I can get a little bit of food into his mouth he usually calms down. Yesterday he was crying and crying after I got home. Then he cheered up, for reasons unbeknownest to me, and started running around, at which point he slipped on a piece of paper and had something to REALLY cry about.
Last week he had a problem with his toe- I think he stubbed it. I came home to find blood on his sock, and when I put him in the bath that night he cried with pain. However, he didn't want me to doctor it. The next night, however, he asked Grandma to cut it for him- so we did. And then he felt better.
Last night he was scared of something in his bed, and Leila very helpfully brought up monsters. I decided to let him fall asleep in my bed. He lay there with me, and then told me several times, very earnestly- "No scare monsters." Hmmmm.
Leila never went through the terrible twos. We had Ali when she was just past two, and she seemed so big compared to him at the time that we treated her as older than she was, I think.

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