Monday, October 15, 2007

Cottonwood Art Festival

Last week I mentioned that we went to the Cottonwood Art Festival on Saturday until we got rained out. I went back on my own on Sunday- Ali was sleeping and Leila was playing at the neighbors. This gave me an excellent chance to check out all of the artists I was interested in without worrying about grubby little hands ruining the art, or curious fingers breaking delicate glass globes and forcing mommy to go home and bring back $10 to pay for the shards of broken glass that she wouldn't have bought as a globe no matter how pretty just because of the danger of breakage. (This happened when Leila was 2, just before Ali was born, when my lumbering, hugely preggers body could not catch the nimble imp reaching, reaching for those fascinating swirls of color.)
So I soaked in the art, the sunshine (after two days of rain) and the culture. Here are some links to my favorites over the two days.
Kevin Muggleton- Mostly I liked talking to him about our kids, and I liked his viewpoint as can be seen in "World Tree" and another with two globes balanced on scales. (He has some cool photos on his website. You know the Africa references pull me in!)
Rebecaa Villarreal has amazingly subtle clouds. Her booth felt like a beach house- mat floors, bluish, gray walls, and cloud windows.
There is something so sturdy and comforting about Jennifer Caval's oil pastels. I've seen her work several years now, and I always like it.
For some tongue-in-cheek humor, check out another new favorite- Peggy Pimpler- Leila and I spent a lot of time looking at her work and choosing our favorites. Which is yours?
Gregory Story's work reminded me of the Peruvian black and white pottery I love, but with a modern twist.
When I glanced into Debbie Little-Wilson's booth from across the way, I wasn't interested. But when I got up close, I was quickly pulled into the humorous, slightly kitchsy world she opens up. Check out her cowgirl inspired etchings and monoprints. "Bathing Beauties" under Etchings- "Other Brave Woman" is a good example of what I saw. I wish she had more up there.
Pioneer Woman would enjoy one of hers that has high heels and cowboy boots side by side, but which, unfortunately, isn't on the web site. I would have bought it for Ree to hang in her new bathroom if I knew her in real life!
Anyways, Debbie and I got to talking about blogging and bloggers. She's working on a blog about woman suffragists in an effort to get people voting.

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Heidi said...

I found your blog through Pioneer Woman's, and I have to say, when I was teaching I would DO ANYTHING not to read all the papers not to. I mean, like even laundry or organizing my childhood treasures. . . ANYTHING! So, I totally feel your pain . . .