Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Woe is me

Sometime in the last month, Ali has quite being my cuddly little squeeze toy and become, gasp, a BOY!!!! That means, in this case, no more kissing. I am bereft. Ali's kisses were the sweetest on offer. They usually came with a big mmmmmmm and sometimes completely missed the mark. But they were wonderful. I think I must have filled my quota because one day they just pretty much stopped. I'd lean in for a kiss and get "yuck." Oh, I still get to kiss him, if I can catch him. But he doesn't want to kiss me. I have to sneak them or fool them in. This week I kissed his plastic fish toy just so Ali would then give me a willing smacker as part of the game.
Leila, the sweetie, is always willing to give me an enormous cheeck smooch. Sometimes she presses so long and hard she dislocates my jaw- ahh, the power of love.
(H isn't kissing me much either what with Ramadan going on and all.)

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