Monday, September 24, 2007

little toes

Who would think that buying shoes would be such a chore? I've bought about 4 pairs of shoes this fall- not counting returns. I want shoes that are pretty, professional, and comfortable, without costing too much. Is that too much to ask?
Ballet flats- these look nice and are comfortable, for about 1 hour. Then the lack of support starts kicking in. Also, my piggy-back-little toes start to hurt.
beige slides- these are really a size too small- but they were only $10, and they seemed comfortable in the store. However, after wearing them around campus, running from classroom to classroom, my p-b-l-toes start to hurt.
strappy sandels- these are heels. I walk slowly, but after a few days of chafing, they are starting to be pretty comfortable. Too bad I can't wear them all winter.
Black aerosole mary janes- these should be perfect. They are mary-janeish- my favorite style. They are black and flat. But, my p-b-l toes are hurting after wearing them all day, and, even though they are my size, my feet have been sliding around in them, which causes chafing. ARGHHHHHH!!!!
To make matters worse, I also had to buy shoes for Leila. We went to Target. She tried on shoes. Did they fit? I don't know- she was the one trying them on,and she's only four and just says if she likes them or not!!! I forgot to check her old shoe size before we left, so I think I went way big on these new ones. Anyway, we decided to keep them. They aren't Bratz, so I'm okay with that, but they light up, so she's okay with that. She's very amenable in the store, but who knows if she actually wore the shoes today. At least she doesn't have p-b-l toes.
(Thank your stars if you don't either!)
The shopping trip was pretty good. Leila was being mostly helpful, and since I hadn't stopped at Starbucks on the way in, the promise/threat of coffee/no coffee kept her in line pretty well. We had three heavy bags of shopping when we finally stopped for coffee (chocolate milk for her) that I said, "How are we going to get this to the car?" and she said, "Let's drink it here." So we did. I know it sounds obvious, but I rarely sit and have coffee with the kids. It was pretty fun. I warned Leila she would get a stomach ache from all that chocolate, and she cheerfully drank away. Then she said she had a stomach ache- but it wasn't from the chocolate but the whipped cream. She was really fine.
(Try saying stomachache with "ch" not being pronounced as "k", and the final "e" vocalized. I learned this from my ESOL students, and it's like a whole other word. Enjoy!)
Shoe update- It looks like I'm going to have to go and buy some more shoes for Leila. She wore her new tennis shoes to school and told me they were too big. She demonstrated how they were coming off her heel. I don't want her to get any of these chafing blisters! Today I'm wearing my comfortable flat sketcher sandals. (I call them my tennies, but they aint!)

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