Monday, September 17, 2007

cool music and Buddy Holly

Saturday night a wonderful musician, Doug Burr, played at LGBC- very folksy but with a clear, true voice. He shared some Psalms he's written music to. Very nice. Here's a video of something off his first album.
Notice, please, the glasses. Those of you who knew me in the early 90's may remember my chunky black plastic glasses, dubbed my "Buddy Holly" glasses by one of my friends' husband. Aren't these reminiscent?
Those were cool glasses- I had no money so I got the frames for super cheap from a thrift store or the missionary barrel, or something, and had lenses put in.
Those were the days. Now I'm much more conservative. And of course, glassesless, except at night or in the movie theater, thanks to laser surgery!!!! You rock Dr. Esquinazi!

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