Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Texan French

"Can we come in?"It was our neighbor, 12, and her friend, 8, from down the street. I said that Leila wasn't home. "We know," they told me, and explained it was for a fundraiser. I let them in.
The boy got out his catalog. The girl said she wasn't doing the fundraiser this year- because people have cheated her, the boy explained. (not me, she assured me. I hadn't cheated her.)
So I started flipping through the catalogs. I was on my second round through when he thought to ask me, "Well, how are YOU today?" I told him I was fine.
I decided to buy some wrapping paper from the one book, but I told him I wanted to take a look at the catalog for cooking things. I was examining the oven mitts when he said, "Do you LIKE to cook?" "Yes." "Well, wallA," he exclaimed in his perfect Texas accent, indicating the page with a broad gesture of his hand. "Here you are!"
(Right before they left he thought to check that they hadn't woken me up. I assured him they hadn't- it was 6:30 pm.)

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