Thursday, February 01, 2007

imaginary poop

Leila was playing with her stuffed dog and he needed to poop. I asked her to take him outside and not in the kitchen. So she pretended to go outside by going into the living room. "Did you pick it up?" I asked. "He didn't poop in the garden," she said. I said, "You still have to pick it up." "It's imaginary poop," she said. I told her to pretend. She told me, "I threw it away in the imaginary trash."
I yell at her too much about too many things. She still loves me. Yesterday she begged me with tears in her eyes not to go to work today. I explained that I have to.
Today I'll go home soon and we'll go to her ballet class.

Ali is hilarious, as always. He's working on the kissing thing, and I've gotten a couple in the past few days. That's nice, because he threw up on me last week.
Actually, last week he threw up a lot. H spent all day one day cleaning up his messes, and then I got home and got to clean up the living room rug. Later I put the kids in the bathtub, and when I went in later the floor was soaking wet. "Ali did it," Leila said, which may or may not be true; she likes to blame him for things. I yelled at her anyway for not telling me that he was pouring water on the floor. I mean soaking wet- a pool.
Leila often tells me things that aren't true- for example, did you use the potty? Did you wash your hands? I can test the latter, and if she brushed her teeth or not, but some things I just can't know.
Last night I told her "no" when she asked to play outside, and then she went to H and said, "Mommy said yes." Luckily I heard her. I know this is a stage and not a comment on her general moral outlook, but it's troubling.

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some chick said...

I know this is a stage and not a comment on her general moral outlook...

yeah, but sometimes, don't you just wonder?

thanks for checking in. i needed the boost.