Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year

It's a new year, and as usual, I'm behind in my blogging. We had a good time in Calif for Christmas, but it was short. My dad noted toward the end that we hadn't really done anything exciting, but that was fine. We hung out, and Leila got to play with Grandma, and I got to go to the movies and to an art gallery and have coffee a couple of times. Fun. Leila actually got sick on Christmas night- throwing up sick. She hung out on the couch the next day but was mostly fine.
We were back before New Years (barely, because our flight was canceled and we had to get another airline the next day with a layover in Vegas because I thought flying standby with 2 kids was not really doable.
Eid Kebira was the 30th, and we didn't get back till evening so we didn't celebrate. On New Year's day we had our friends over to hang out and eat, so I guess that was the celebration. New Year's eve Scott took me to Stephen Pyle's restaurant- Stephen had invited him to bring someone for the second seating of New Year's dinner- a seven course sit down meal that was delicious. What's amazing is how easy it actually is to eat seven courses when they are served in perfect proportions with the right wine. (Well, by the end I was having trouble finishing my food.) I won't list the whole menu here, but it was a great start to the year with a great friend, and I'm lucky to have H, who, when I told him about it, said, "go" without hesitation.
On a different note:
Leila, "I don't know how to use my imagination." And then she proceeds to spend the day playing with her pretend friends, and talking to Grandma and Grandpa on her toy telephone.
Another funny game- Leila hobbles around, pretending to use a cane, and says, "I'm Grandma, and Ali's Grandpa."
Ali, when Leila is taking her nap, "Leila [snore] [snore]"
That rascal has taken to staying up to all hours since we got back from Calif, not every night, but too much.
And I'm back at work, stressing about classes getting enough students to make. I'm not taking any classes this semester, and I was thinking about teaching another extra class, but I think I'll try not to. (However, the car needs fixing- hopefully nothing serious but it's making funny noises and smoking, and I'm supposed to buy a new stove and oven for my dad to help H install when they are here next month.) I want to spend the time working on my photography, and www. whoismyneighbor.com (don't go there, it's empty still) and loma3studio. So much to do!

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Lorenloo said...

i look forward to seeing more photos and the neighbor website. glad to see you even briefly (and your amazing feathered headress) in dallas!