Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Starvation at Christmas

Check out this cool foundation started by some of my colleagues. My friend on the board sent me an email that I passed on to some of you, but I really want to get the word out there.
Ending poverty is so key to world peace. (not whirled peas!!)
Other cool places to donate this year-
(Something cool- Leila and I did a focus group interview yesterday and earned a bunch of money for an hour or so work. So my family is getting a heifer llama for Christmas.)

the Puerto Lleras fund (We raised $670 in reunion t-shirt sales this year to provide Christmas dinner for poor families in Puerto Lleras. Leftover monies are distrbuted as needed throughout the year. I was born in this municipality in Colombia, and grew up there. It's a very poor place.)
the mossy foot project- (Don't go to this website if you're feeling queasy. They have pictures of what happens when people get the mossy foot disease. Instead, send me a check for $13 and I will send you a set of 8 cards and send $6 to Mossy Foot. This organization works in Ethiopia.)
While I'm totally getting into buying the kids gifts this year, I also don't want to be all materialistic in my giving so I want to put the bulk of my money (and time, too) into things like the above, and then make gifts or buy small things for people.
One fun note about Leila- The other day she brought home an advent chain where you take off one link a day. She's been doing that on her own very well. We were talking about Christmas, and she told me it was Jesus' birthday. Then we got to talking about gifts, and I asked her who gave gifts, and she said the wiseman. They are going to give her, and Ali and Mommy and Baba gifts. Cool. I'd like some gold. (Oops, materialistic again.)

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