Friday, December 15, 2006


I'm supposed to be out of the office already, but I have all this stupid administrative stuff to do. I hate this part of it.
This week has been madly busy. Tuesday night Leila and I went to Borders. I pointed out a Rachel Ray book to her and she said- Rachel Ray! So a saleperson told us RR would be here in person at another Borders on Wednesday. She advised getting there early to see her. I didn't want to go, but Leila really did, so we drove over about 1/2 an hour before she was to appear. There was no parking in the lot, so we had to park in a residential area and when we got to the store it was packed. You had to show up at 8 am and stand in line to get a ticket to get your book signed- and the book signing line wrapped around the store. We got to stand near the people in the front of the line where we waited just to see her. Leila ate her PB&J (2 minute meals) and we played and talked and waited!!! She was 1/2 hour late. Then she pretty much just came in, sat down at the table, took a sip of coffee and commented on how big the mug was (you can imagine the response from the Texans) and then started signing. Leila got to see her, but barely. She was very disappointed. I finally got her to leave. That night at bedtime I asked her if it was fun, and she said, "Yes, but it's better on t.v." So there RR.

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