Monday, November 06, 2006


On Saturday morning I heard a door opening in the kitchen. What is Leila doing? I wondered. Then I heard the fridge door open, and I knew I had to get up and get in there. Leila had poured herself some instant oatmeal and added milk all by herself. (She wanted to eat it cold, like grandpa.) I gave her a bit more, because she had been so careful that she hardly had any- and she insisted on adding more milk, herself. She was so happy that she can do it all by herself now. And I'm happy, too. Pretty soon she'll be getting Ali his breakfast, as well. (I assume she chose the oatmeal because she could actually reach it.)
This weekend was frustrating, because I had a terrible migraine on Saturday and Sunday, and so much to do. Poor Leila doesn't have much fun when I'm not feeling well. We went to Stone soup festival on Friday night for the kids- that was fun! And then I went back on my own, with a headache that hadn't been cured by Relpax, on Saturday night. I needed to take some pictures and cards from "What We Carry With Us" to sell and raise money for good causes like the mossy foot project and Heifer. I don't know how much sold because I had to leave kind of early to make an appearance at another party.
I comforted myself for my lack of productivity on Saturday with the thought that I would do it on Sunday, and still had a headache. I dragged myself to the store to get a new prescription, which was a whole other story, and could only get one pill. That helped a bit, but after class the aura came back and now I have nothing. I don't want to head home until I can stop and get the pills. This after two months of no headaches. Arghhh. I guess my body is catching up.
Ali- So much to say. He was so sick last weekend- throwing up and coughing. (So last weekend was completely unproductive as well.) H took him to the doctor and got antibiotics and a machine to help him breathe better. He cries most of the time he's got the mask on, but at least he's doing a lot better. (Getting the meds is a whole other nightmare- the antibiotics got lost and we had to re-buy them.) But then the Doctor called to check on things, and we got to chatting. H always talks to him a lot (but actually saw another dr. at the office last week.) He wanted to thank us for the olive oil H had given him, and asked where he could get some more. I said when he came to visit in Tunisia. H has said that before, I'm sure, and he didn't really know how to take it. He said he'd like to get to know us better. We'll see what happens.
Halloween was fun. Leila and I went trick or treating with Benny and his mom. They were so cute walking in front of us, intent on conversation, and only going up to a house when we directed them. Leila got a huge amount of candy because we then went down another street with Laura and her mom. Astrid and I got to talking intently at one point and suddenly realized that the girls had been knocking at someone's door for several minutes and it was time to move on. The neighbors said that about 114 people had come by.
I've finally kind of gotten started on my neighbor project. I should shoot the first portrait tomorrow, if the weather is nice.
Also, I'm working on getting a Nikon D80- I'm so excited about it. I'm going to try to take a digital photography class in the spring.

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