Thursday, October 05, 2006


Lately things have been stressful at work and at home. I have so much to do, yet I rush home to be with the fam. The kids are cute-
I asked Leila last night if she knew why I liked coming home and she said "You like your kids." Which is exactly it- and usually she runs to meet me yelling "mommy, mommy" so happy to see me. And Ali smiles and says "hi". He's starting to talk more.
Last night when I came home they were watching a video so that didn't run out to meet me, so I complained about it to her. I'm sure that won't happen again soon.
Ali understands so much now. I can't wait till I can understand him better. Of course, he makes himself understood by signs and fussing. He brings a glass when he wants water, or stands in front of the fridge to say he wants food.

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Lorenloo said...

non-verbal communication is neat. i have a really old cat, and trying to figure out what she means is an interesting process. she does the same stand-in-front-of-the-fridge thing, only she meows raspily. she also jumps in the tub and looks at you coldly, which means she wants you to turn on the tub for her, because that is the best water.

sometimes i don't know what she means so i squeeze her with cuddles, which i imagine is similar to young kids :).