Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today's blog! Wow! Fresh stuff!

I feel like this is becoming the trip about Cynthia's tooth and headaches. I had a headache again yesterday, all night and this morning until I finally gave in and took the Relpax. This time I knew to just go to bed for a bit after. Then we went to the dentist to see why I am still having pain. After giving me a shot, she drilled and then used a sort of jackhammar thing to try and get the crown she put on last week off. After she'd done this with a considerable amount of pain to me, she decided to leave the crown on and give me medicine for inflammation. She thinks that will help. Her explanation for me feeling pain is that I drank coffee so the nerve deadener didn't work so well. It could also have been the Relpax. When she put the crown on last week it was painful, and she was so concerned she called in the evening to see how I was doing. She said she knew it really hurt because I didn't complain about just a little pain like some people. The problem is, I always say it's a little pain because I compare it to a huge amount of pain like childbirth, and then it seems small in comparision even though it's quite bad.
Ali wants me, so I'll have to write about the long, late, extensive and huge dinner that brought on the headache later. Not eating is an insult here. No, not eating a ton of food is an insult. Ahhh!

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