Monday, June 26, 2006

The film is okay

Thank God my film wasn't ruined- at least, not the two test rolls I dropped off on Friday. I dropped the rest off today, so we'll see if they turned out. I wish I had some magic way of selling the photos.
I was thinking about Leila's interest in the scatological (she continues her fascination with what people are doing in the bathroom and how they do it.) and how that word has always sounded so religious to me- kind of like eschatology or something. Though, now that I think about it, there does seem to be a connection.

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some chick said...

yay for okay film! when are you gonna switch to digital?

I finally found your blog! I've been catching up on it a bit here, and love hearing about your trip. it makes me want to visit tunisia.

we're making a trip to texas for a couple of weeks in october, so hope we get to see you. i've added you to my blogroll, so now i can keep up!