Monday, April 17, 2006


This morning Leila noticed that the butterfly had emerged from the chrysalis Tio Tony had given her. It was a beautiful monarch. She sat down at the table to look at it, resting with wings closed on the now useless chrysalis shell. I took some pictures of her, and then she began to sing: "Butterfly, butterfly you comed out. Butterfly, butterfly you comed out." She sang for several minutes. Then it began to open its wings and she became afraid. I explained to her that it wouldn't hurt her, but she wasn't convinced since mosquitos and ants do hurt. We left the kitchen and closed the door, but we didn't put it outside since I wanted Benny to see it. Her response was, "It's my butterfly." It was a wonderful gift since she has been studying bugs and butterflys at school.
Ali is a mover- he's figured out a sort of scooch crawl, with one leg tucked under him sometimes. I think he does manage knees at others. It reminds me of the dog paddle/crawl that I like to swim with. He gets around the house so quickly. I keep having to go search for him.

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