Wednesday, November 30, 2005

sweet cookie

The other day Leila crawled into our bed in a cheerful mood and told me I was her sweet...cookie and she was mine. And baba (who she's been calling Bab for short) was my honey and Ali was my honey and I love you mommy. Such sweetness. Other times she gets into bed grumpy and wakes everyone up and ends up in trouble. This morning she called to me from her room and I had to go in there. She was doing something with her socks. I got her dressed right away and served up her cereal and we actually were ready to leave for school early. It's Gretchen's week to take the kids so we walked next door and off she went. Here she is looking a little mischiveous.
Ali breaks into huge grins when I walk into the room or call his name. See him laughing? He's at the sweetest stage, and he's even quit drooling quite so much. The dr. said it was time to feed him at his six month checkup. He was 20 lbs at his 4 month checkup, and the same at this one. But he is growing. I think he's smaller than Leila was at this age. He loves to look at people, and he looks at me with complete love in his eyes. It's like when you first fall in love with someone and you just want to look into their eyes forever. We make googly eyes at each other, and then he laughs or I snuggle him and tell him how much I love him.
Last night I decorated our Christmas tree. Leila saw it first thing this morning and said "You did that?" On Sunday afternoon H cut down a branch and I stripped it and cut it into smaller pieces which Leila and I put into florist foam and covered with green and blue glass eggs. It's a Colombia Christmas tree but without the cotton. I made a tree "skirt" by piling bead garlands around the eggs.

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