Monday, August 29, 2005

things that irk me

I've been reading friend's blogs and thinking I should blog about other stuff besides my kids. I thought about church recently and how one day the speaker and someone else were irking me in what they were saying about homosexuality, mostly because they just seemed to assume that in order to be a good Christian one has to "come out of homosexuality" and I just don't think that that's necessarily true. And especially it irks me when it's straight people talking like that and using it as an excuse to talk about sins that they might actually be guilty of. Anyway, that irks me. But then I was reading in Romans and it said about sexual sin being the only sin that's against our body. Maybe that's why people make such a big deal of it.
The other day someone asked me why H and I don't get married and really kept pushing the issue. But I feel like we already are married. I'm not sure that a ceremony is necessary- we filed jointly on taxes after all, and we'd have to legally divorce since Texas recognizes us as an informal marriage. I don't want to just go to city hall because I want to have a celebration when we have a ceremony, but we also don't want to have a ceremony right now.
I've been reading Sue Monk Kidd's "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter" and wondering if I purposely avoided marrying a Christian man so that I wouldn't have to worry about all that head of the house stuff. Mark spoke about that the other week at church but I didn't get to hear it all since I was with the kids part of the time. That worried me too- the part that I heard left some stuff out, I think. He said women need to love men and men need to respect women and that's how we relate to others in the church, not just in marriage. But shouldn't we all love and respect each other? Men to men, women to women and crosswise?
This is quite a rant, and I have loads to do at work. Why did I take on an online class that I've never taught before? The challenge of it?

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Lorenloo said...

hey cynthia-thanks for the link!

also, i think i've heard mark talk about that stuff before, and it is a weird passage nowadays (is it paul?), but i think what he's saying is that in the time, it would not be expected or encouraged for men to possibly respect women, so that was a big deal to say they should, and in a time of arranged marriages, it would be a similarly big deal to ask women to love their husbands (the respect was more assumed i guess since the men were in charge). if that helps, since you missed part. but i'm sure that mark thinks in general we should all both love and respect each other, but he's trying to clarify a kind of otherwise weird passage.

so nice to see you the other day!