Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back at work

Everyone survived Monday, my first day back at work, including me. When I got home Ali just smiled and smiled at me, all evening. He was super happy to see me I guess.
On Tuesday I was sick and barely left the bed all day. Luckily I started feeling better in the evening.
Leila got up on the bed with Ali and I at one point and put her foot on him. She likes to touch people with her feet, and I'm always making her stop, but this time she had a reason. "I got a boo-boo, Ali," she said, pointing to her toe. He listened attentively. Later she came back with her pacifier in her mouth and started trying to get him to take his. He didn't want it, and kept spitting it out, but she persisted until they were both sucking on pacifiers, heads close together.
This portends well for the future.
Leila is a good leader. Gretchen says that she and Benny take turns leading when they play, but usually Leila starts out leading the activity.

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