Monday, April 04, 2005

the zoo

Leila went to the zoo for the first time on Saturday. Tio Scott and Tony took her as a birthday treat. Actually, it started out with them babysitting so Mom and Dad could go to the mandatory birth class at the birth and Women's center. Dad didn't want to go, but I think he felt a lot better after he did. Of course he was joking around with the midwives. One of them threatened to spank him! She's the funny one that I laughed with in my last appointment. The class was held in the big downstairs birthing room. The fun thing was that it is a second or third birth for several of the couples and their other children had been born right there. One couple who has had three kids in three years came in to talk about their experiences. They were very candid. I hope H heard all the stuff about really helping me out. I felt better after the class, too. I found it there is a birth attendant as well as a midwife there. H doesn't want to witness the actual birth, and I'm not sure I want him in the room anyway. The nice thing is that anyone I want can be there. Not that I want a lot of people, but it might be nice to have my mom there part of the time. H needs to be nearby in case there's a problem and they need him to help pick me up, though. He felt relieved to see how close the hospital is and to learn the procedure for emergencies.
My last visit everything went well. I think I'm up to 179 lbs. I need to cut out so much candy. They told us this very scary story about a woman delivering a 12 lb baby with difficulty because she snacked on oreos throughout the pregnancy.
Anyway, Leila went to the zoo. H and I drove over and met them there and had lunch and then Tony and Scott had to leave so we took Leila around some more. She fell asleep, but we had a good time. I forgot how much fun H is to go places with, because he enjoys himself so much. I think by the time we got there Leila was pretty tired. She had fun though, and was happy to see us. We were both really tired when we got done. Well, Leila had already fallen asleep. I sat down on the grass and held her while H got the car. Of course, she woke up when we got home, so I didn't get a nap. But, a cup of tea and some fresh baked cookies (from frozen dough) and then we went off to church, but only because I had to give someone something. I was so worn out that I let her run kind of wild.
On Sunday she woke up early, like her biological clock knew that the time had moved forward. I got up with her, because H had gone to bed late. We called Scott and met him for lunch in Deep Ellum where they had a mediocre art festival. Leila fell asleep in the stroller and then slept on the way home, so again she woke up once H had laid her on her bed. Then I wanted to sleep, but H did too, and so I felt like I had to stay awake. I got kind of cranky with Leila. But she's really cute at eye level when you're lying in bed and she comes up to you with a hat on because she has to wear a hat and tells you something.
This morning she was being really cranky for some reason about her broken sun glasses, but wouldn't let me fix them. Then the plastic lense fell in the corner next to the dead bugs and she freaked out. I retrieved it for her and fixed them, but she was still pretty cranky. She wasn't happy that I was going to work I guess.
Yesterday she was playing with her plastic phone and said "hi bug" and then "Hi grandma." Then she said "bye." She tells H "fick" when his friend Taufick (or anyone) logs on to chat with him. Yesterday she told him "omi" (Uncle) and it was. She talks and talks and I have no idea what she's saying most of the time. Usually she repeats a word until I get it. Sometimes that frustrates her a little.
I'm so sleepy. It must be the allergies. I haven't taken a benadryl because that made me too tired yesterday. Oh dear, I have to teach in forty minutes.

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