Wednesday, April 06, 2005

strange doings

Yesterday morning Leila was talking to her reflection in the refrigerator's black surface. "My bear," she was saying in an aggresive tone of voice. She sounded like the other person was trying to take it from her. I asked her who the reflection was, and she said "Leila." I guess she's talking to herself in the mirror like I did as a child (and still do sometimes.)
She's driving me nuts at night. She'll go to sleep in her bed, and then she'll wake up around midnight and have to come into bed with us. Last night it felt like she was trying to climb inside me. What happened to those first nights that she slept through?
Last night she picked up the cell phone and started talking to Arwa and 'Isa. She says hello, and listens.
This baby inside me is way too high right now. I lay with my bum in the air trying to get him to turn around, but not go.

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