Thursday, January 13, 2005

telephone calls

This morning I was in an incredible rush to get ready for work, when the phone rang. I thought it might be important, so I abandoned an attempt to get my shirt on, and answered it. I heard a child's voice murmuring nonsense. "Hello, hello?" I said, thinking someone's kid was in the background or had made a mistake. Then I see Leila walking toward me holding out the cell phone, and I realize the voice I'm hearing over the land line is hers. She'd managed to actually dial home, which luckily was the last numbered called. What a nut! On other occasions she's left me messages on the voice mail. Once she called my friend Alba, but luckily I was right there and could explain.

Leila lies in bed at night murmuring words she knows "mama, baba". Sometimes she'll do that first thing in the morning before she really gets up. Jeana says she's rebooting.

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