Monday, April 27, 2015

School fan

Poor Sami- last night he was looking for his socks. I told him where to find some, thinking his dad had told him to put some on. Then he was looking and looking for his shoes. I was upstairs, and said I didn't have them. Finally he came up, socks in his hands, to talk to me. It turns out he wanted to go to school. I told him it wasn't time for school, but he insisted that it was and started crying and crying. I had to explain to him that it was getting dark, and he hadn't just had breakfast, and L and A weren't at school so he wasn't going to school right then. I tried to comfort him by reminding him of the fun things he'd done on the weekend. "What did you do with Grandma?" I asked, and he sobbed, faced scrunched up, "I played with Grandma." (I wished I'd had a video going because it was so funny to see that).
Finally the little guy calmed down and went to sleep- he hadn't had a nap and was ready for it.

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