Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Sometimes Sami surprises me by walking around with a stuffed animal held in a tender embrace. Yesterday it was his brother's hedgehog. It surprises me, because his default is throwing, or kicking, and he even hit me yesterday!
He picked up, "I'm sorry," this week, and after digging his elbow into my ribs and hearing me say, "OW!" he said "I'm sorry." He also says it just to hear himself say it, for no reason at all. But he apparently really does know how to use it. Other times he isn't sorry at all, and keeps kicking me until I put him on the floor.
He hurt Leila the other day and said "I'm sorry," and gave her a nice kiss.
(Actually, I noticed yesterday it's really more of a "sorry," but said very sincerely.)

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