Sunday, September 22, 2013

Talking even more!

Yesterday Sami and I were out for a walk, kind of together. He would try to get me to stay put, and then I would sneak up on him, and then he would fuss and try again. When it was time to turn around, I made the mistake of pointing out M's house, and then he wanted to go visit, and I wouldn't let him. So then he threw a bit of a tantrum. After a while I started pointing out things to look at, like sticks on the ground, and he started picking them up and putting them in his trike's trunk. At one point, he picked up a light seed and said "yellow."
Then we saw Baba, just home from the car races with Ali. They had quite a boy bonding time with a friend of H's from work. H, Sami and I took a walk down to the neighbor's for a visit. When we left, Sami said, "Thank you. You're welcome," as he always does when someone gives him something. I think he even blew a kiss (though he was facing the door at the time, not our hosts.) I'd seen him do that before when I picked him up from "school."
Then last night, I showed Sami the picture on his shirt. "Fire truck," he told me. I knew he knew "truck," but not that he put them together like that.
This morning we were hanging out on the bed. "Peekaboo, I see you," he giggled, hands over his face. Then "Knock, knock. Who's there?" he said. And I think a fake "atchoo" that he made might have been part of the joke, too.
If only he were always that easy. I've decided he is a low level high need child. While that is still a label, it's probably better than the one I came up with: "Pain in the butt."

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