Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gluten Free experiment fail

This morning Ali wanted pancakes, as usual, so I decided it was time to try the gluten free mix I'd brought home.
Everytime we've had pancakes for the last couple of years, I get a sick headache. (That's a migraine/headache accompanied by nausea.) I get them more from pancakes then from waffles, which my family makes with a high oatmeal/low flour ratio, so it seemed that the flour might be the culprit. In any case, while I tested negative for celiac a year or so ago, it does seem like white flour/gluten might be a bit of a trigger, especially when it isn't well cooked, as pancakes tend to be (or not be?)
I cooked up a pan of turkey bacon* and then put together the batter. It smelled like cake batter- very sweet. The texture was a bit odd, and the pancakes did not signal it was time to turn with the telltale bubbles, even though the instructions said they would. I gave Ali the first pancake, it looked fluffy to him, and he doused it with syrup and started eating. He only got about half way through. The second batch I gave to Leila, but I split the pancakes in two and recooked the middle side first. She said they were too sweet.
I had mine with apple sauce instead of syrup, which worked well as it counteracted the overly sweet pancakes.
Verdict: The pancakes don't cook very well. The middle is definitely undercooked and they work best being split and cooked again. I could try to make thinner pancakes by adding more milk.
The kids were not happy with the switch, especially Ali. He said it isn't teh flour that is making me sick. Hmmm.
As far as no headache- I don't know! I chose the wrong day to do this as I already woke up with a sick headache! You'd think after so many science fair projects I would know to have a control, or at least optimum circumstances.
I'm thinking about going on the Whole30 program for a month. (Apparently one isn't supposed to "think" about it, but instead start immediately, so I may have already failed.) Kyran from Planting Dandelions is doing it or a version of it. I've been thinking about something similar, and this one looks good. My concern is no oatmeal, and that's what I eat for breakfast every morning! Also, I want to start during my spring break since some people have reported withdrawal symptoms, but my birthday falls smack dab in the middle of it. (My birthday always messes with me giving something up for lent, too.) I guess this is why one isn't supposed to think about it!

*complaint: Turkey bacon doesn't crisp up properly.

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