Saturday, December 08, 2012

Mommy daughter time

Leila and I went for our trail ride today. We were the first ride of the day, with two other mom/daughter pairs, so we termed it a mother-daughter ride. The fun thing about being first was that we got to help groom the horses. One of them had rolled in mud, so Leila and I gave him a "cowboy" grooming- that is, we cleaned him up where the saddle was going to touch.
I got up on the horse, and then suddenly wondered what I was doing. I quickly got my horse legs, though, and we had a good ride. I even managed some pictures, which I'll have to post later.
Driving back to town, Leila and I had a nice chat. We often listen to books on cd in the car, which helps my brain in the morning so I don't have to deal with so much chatter, but sometimes it's good to just talk.
She told me a couple of interesting things. For example, once she saw a taco bell commercial, a stool softener commercial, and a toilet paper commercial all in a row. She thought that was funny. Then we got to talking about the bears in the Charmin commercial, and how the mom holds up a pair of underwear to show that they are clean- but the bears don't even wear underwear. This led to talking about Donald Duck and his lack of pants. He just wears a shirt. One time he lost that shirt, however, and instead of trying to cover his chest, he did the classic naked pose and "covered the place where his pants would be." "Disney Logic," she said.
Isn't she smart? Apparently she and a friend had been talking about "human logic" where you cut down a tree to make paper to write about not cutting down trees. Or, you cut down a tree, where a bird lives, and make wood, and make a bird house for the bird to live in. See how it works?
Maybe kids SHOULD run the world.

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