Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Write a letter to an old friend."

Last weeks "be a slacker" fortune was up for a couple of days, making me suspect it was really directed at the fortune posters..
I was a slacker though, which is nice in the last two weeks of summer vacation.
Today's post is apt, as I did send a Facebook email to an old friend. Does that count?
Yesterday there was no time for letter writing as we went up to a nearby dam with a lake for sailing and canoeing. Ever since my sister has had her little sunfish sailboat, I've wanted to go out in it. We took a very short sail at the beginning of the afternoon, and when I jumped out to keep the boat from hitting the shore, I scraped my foot on a stone. That slowed me down a bit. It was also HOT! We were hoping for cooler weather, but no luck with that. We were in an area with no swimming, so a lot of us "accidently" fell into the water, or capsized the boat out in the middle, or helped push the boat out a little ways before we got in.  The kids had a great time canoeing and going out in the sunfish with their cousin. Sami played on blankets set up under a tree. My mom said it was a fun day, but with a small "f." Had it not been Hot, we could have put the capital letter on fun.

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