Wednesday, August 01, 2012

"It's right in front of your nose."

This fortune must be talking about my computer- that's what is right in front of my nose, most of the time. Sometimes I have a steering wheel there.
When I was a kid I had a book in front of my nose- or I guess, the expression goes, I had my nose in a book. Lately I don't do that much. I feel guilty reading for pleasure when I should be reading for school. Course, that can be pleasurable, too, I just have to get going at it.
I do enjoy a good detective yarn now and again. I discovered the Louise Penny books this year, which are set in Montreal (which H and I visited two years ago and loved) and the English townships south of there, which is the area my grandmother was from. (My grandfather was from Montreal proper.) Anyway, her books are the nice kind of detective stories where you get to know characters, and the chief detective is someone you want to have dinner with, and she describes all sorts of delicious food, too. When I'm done with one of her books, I want to move to the village of Three Pines, even if people do keep getting murdered there!

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