Monday, July 16, 2012

"You will say yes when you should say no."

Oddly enough, this isn't entirely true of me. Well, I do say yes too much, but I also am willing to say no, especially about work things. This is strangely intimidating to some people.
One of my tactics is to let other people who have a tendency to say yes say it first. Sometimes this works.
I actually need to work on saying "yes" more to the kids. That's what some moms do. I also, incidentally, need to take them bowling. (Did you click on that link?)
Yesterday I said "yes" to taking Ali to the store to buy a new Pokemon game. You'd have thought it was Christmas. He woke up excited, and when he'd picked out the game, even thought it wasn't the exact one he'd gone in for, he thanked the store clerk "very much" and very enthusiastically.
Leila got a new Monster High doll. The only one of this doll had chewing gum on the plastic packaging, and had obviously been opened, though nothing was missing. When we checked out, we asked for, and got, a nice discount. (Christmas indeed!)
Sami's yes is the freedom to crawl around as he likes, with the occasional rescue from under a chair.

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