Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 At the Fourth of July get together- "Mommy, can somebody pull my tooth?" And so H did.
Meanwhile, this guy has five new teeth, including the top two to match the ones Ali lost. But this picture is about his eyes.
I am the worst tooth fairy ever! I don't think I've ever remembered to actually put money under the pillow. For his first tooth, Ali looked first thing, and then told Habib about it. Habib gave him a dollar and said the tooth fairy had put it under HIS pillow. I usually pretend that it fell on the floor of the kids room. For his second tooth, Ali's tooth flew out of his mouth and got lost on our friend's patio. However, the tooth fairy still visited Ali. In fact, she remembered in the morning before he did, and slipped a dollar under his pillow. Then Mom reminded him to go and look. He reported back that she hadn't come. Apparently, he'd put the dollar from his last tooth under his pillow, so he thought it was just that one! Arghhhh! I can't win!

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jo(e) said...

That missing-teeth smile is so cute!