Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"Get to know your partner's culture. Two worlds are better than one."

Actually, I'm not sure that's an exact quote, because this is yesterday's "fortune." I think they should just call it advice.
And I've already taken it.
It's true though- the more cultures one is familiar with, the better. That's one of the things that makes me happy I live in the city I do- it's very diverse both economically and culturally. I can eat at an authentic Vietnamese, Chinese, Persian, or Indian restaurant. I can shop at Arab grocery stores that imports from a variety of countries- yesterday I bought Turkish sunflower seeds and Morrocan almonds. An Indian grocery keeps me stocked up with my favorite guilty treat- soan papdi. A Palastinian man fixes our car. A Korean woman sells us donuts and another Korean woman sells film and makes me homemade kim bap. Last night I met a Trinadadian family while my kids practiced Tae Kwon Do, and afterwards the kids played soccer with their Eritrean friends while I talked to their mom.
And then I took my Tunisian/Colombian/Canadian/US kids home and fed them US American ice-cream, and they went to sleep in under their Swedish (Ikea) sheets.

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