Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Month in Pictures (May)

Sami got a new high chair.

 And he seems to like it.

Ali had a Pokemon Birthday party. There were water balloons involved!

And he got lots of Pokemon cards- a newish obsession.

They had to melt little blocks of ice to free their Pokemon characters. I froze them in muffin tins in my friend's freezer, since mine wasn't big enough.
Someone (Ali!) broke a window pane in our bedroom while trying to throw a softball (why do they call them that?) over the roof. It was a mess, and is currently covered in cardboard.

We had brownies on Ali's actual birthday, at his request.
He opened presents while Sami watched me.
Ali's good friend got the Firebird, which he traded with her.
Two Ali's trying to free their Pokemon. Dropping the ice blocks was very effective.
These photographs are not in order somehow- oh well. The Pokemon party was quite a success. I limited it to 7 guests, and one didn't show. They made Pokemon badges, traded cards (they got some when they came in), and melted their Pokemon. We tried a water balloon contest- the one where you toss it to a partner and keep moving back. Joy and I, who demonstrated, did really well, backing up across almost the entire yard. Almost everyone else dropped it on the first toss!
Then the kids just threw water balloons at each other. It was a hot day. And we played a version of freeze tag. I gave out prizes for various things- everyone got one. It was a very relaxed party. They came in side and had cupcakes and cheetos, and Ali opened all of his presents, most of them Pokemon related. That's why he has such a huge pile of cards now.
The goodie bags were little bouncy balls, m&m's, Pokemon cards, and little figures- one that they thawed, and one that was on their cupcake.
I tried to post these about a month ago, but had some trouble and abandoned the post. I just found it in drafts, so am publishing it now, rather belatedly. Now it's time to write about June since July is already on its way!

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