Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catching up

It's much easier to read than post while holding/nursing a baby, so it's been a while, especially because Sami eats a lot! He's a great baby- we're really happy with him- but he has a few little issues. For example, he has blocked tear ducts, which require me to massage them and give him gucky eyes in the morning. The other problem is he's just too skinny. While I like skinny babies as well as fat, this is kind of a problem. He didn't gain enough weight his first month. The second month I started giving him one bottle of supplement of day, and he gained a pound and a half. The Dr. was still worried about his weight, so she suggested I supplement at every feeding, and consult with a lactation consultant.
The lactation consultant and an intern came by on Monday, and we learned alot! Apparently, Sami has a very high palate, which makes breastfeeding difficult, and he also appears to have a posterior tongue tie. When I googled this I discovered that this is harder to diagnose/discover than a regular tongue tie, so it's often missed. It also makes bf difficult. Sami latches on pretty well, but he has trouble getting the milk out, and it really tires him.
The consultant has a very sensitive scale and measured him before he started breastfeeding, and then after he breastfed to determine exactly how much he was getting, and this also showed that he isn't being as productive at sucking as he should be.
The good news- he's gained quite a bit of weight with the additional supplementing, which means there isn't a hidden medical issue. In addition, if the posterior tongue tie is the biggest detriment to his getting enough milk, it's a pretty easy fix, from what I read on the internet.
It's really frustrating that he has so much trouble eating as it means I spend hours and hours feeding him or pumping each day.
The lactation consultant is coming back to weigh him on Friday, I think. I'm not supplementing at every feeding- just once or twice a day- as that seems to interfere with his time at the breast. He should still be gaining weight, however.
So, as I said, he has a couple little things that need work, but other than that, he's quite a joy. I've had to go in to work this week and I've taken him with me. Yesterday he started crying while I was meeting in my office with a colleague, but Tio Scott heard him from the office next door and came to get him. He stopped crying immediately and fell asleep.
Today he was kind enough to stay asleep throughout my department meeting, but woke up right at the end to be loved on and admired.
He's got a couple more meetings to get through, and me working on the computer, and then I get 2 months of leave. The pediatrician wrote a note saying he needs to be with me for frequent breastfeeding.

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Anonymous said...

There's always something challenging with babies, isn't there? Glad to hear sami is such a great baby. Hope you are all doing well!