Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sami gets the hiccups almost every day. Our Tunisian friend said it's lucky for babies to get hiccups. He doesn't seem to mind, unlike Ali, who hates them. I realized that all those very steady, rythmic kicks I felt for months when Sami was still inside were probably just hiccups.
Right now he's sleeping squished up against my breast. If I put him down, I'm sure he'll wake up, so I'm letting him sleep here. I'll have to get ready for bed when I want to put him down so that he can cuddle up next to me. It's the only way he stays asleep so far.
*Hipo is Spanish for hiccups.  Don't pronounce the H. Doesn't it sound fun?


Sharoon Sunny said...

This is so precious. You took me back in time when Neil was little. He'll be 3, three days from now. How time flies! Love you guys.

heavy hedonist said...

Just try burping him a little more often during the feeding process, and let it take longer than usual, if he lets you. Cute baby!

Peace, Mari, aka, a 30+ years experienced former nanny.

Lomagirl said...

Thanks Mari!