Sunday, November 27, 2011

Four Weeks

Sami has been in our lives for four weeks, which have just sped by. Last Saturday we had a "Sip and See" for him- a Southern tradition where people drop by to take a gander at the new child. A lot of folks came, and it was great fun to catch up with people from all areas of my life, some of whom I hadn't seen in quite a while. Sami was passed from person to person- he loved being held and slept through most of it. H was in the kitchen making pizza, and those who didn't leave early got some of that yumminess.
The kids mostly played outside, with excursions to the table for brownies, snickerdoodles, chex mix, and mini pumpkin muffins. The cake read- "Welcome Sami!"
Leila told one friend that she was going to skip puberty and go straight to adulthood. I asked her about that later, and she explained that puberty sounded to scary- I assured her that it wasn't too bad if one did it right- which meant talking to her mom. I hope that works for her!
My folks, who had been here for almost 3 weeks, left the next day, leaving us to deal with laundry, school age kids, and cooking on our own. Luckily it was Thanksgiving week- and my mom cooked us Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night before they left.
Thanksgiving holidays weren't that much fun for the kids. We did go to friends for dinner on Thursday night, and to the local paint your pottery place on Friday, and the library on Saturday. Tonight some other friends brought a delicious Chicken Masala dinner and tomorrow it's back to school. The laundry is part way done, the house is a mess, but Sami is asleep at the breast, despite my typing with the arm that is holding him.


Sharoon Sunny said...

Go Sami. The amazingness of a new child in the house always keeps things fresh :-) love the new profile pic.

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