Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bits and Pieces

About two days ago, Sami was letting loose with the stinkiest farts- ones that would make a grownup blush! I kept checking his diaper, thinking that kind of smell must have left something behind, but no- just gas. Who knew a baby could have that in him? It finally resolved late one night in messy diaper.
The kids are fascinated by his umbilical cord- the little stump is still attached. Leila said it looked like a packet of soy sauce. Today, with it almost off, Ali decided on a bit of sausage wrapped in plastic.
Ali says he's a smart baby. He asks him- What's 1+1? The baby, apparently, raises both arms in response, to Ali's great delight.
This morning, during another messy diaper change (Yeah! He's eating well!) Ali asked H why Sami's "thing" was so big.

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