Friday, August 26, 2011

The daily grind

Every morning when I grind my coffee, I worry it's waking up the household- but it doesn't, really.
This week was back to work for me, and back to school for the kids. (I thought last week was back to work, so I actually had a nice week of vacation- no online classes even!)  It's tough getting up early and dragging myself in. I'm back to having headache/migraines (with auras) and I think it's partly from sleep schedules being messed up. If I wake up in the middle of the night and get out of bed as pregnant women are wont to do, I have trouble falling right back to sleep.
The kids were excited about school, and Leila comes home every day with a new reason her teacher is great. Ali has had a harder time. The first day he got frustrated because he wasn't able to finish his work and his "brain hurt." They were writing sentences, and that's hard for him. I talked to him about his teacher- he seemed to think she was upset by him not finishing. The next day went well because it was math work, but yesterday was hard again, and this morning there were tears that he didn't want to go to school. He doesn't like writing, but he says math is easy for him. Finally I asked if he wanted me to write a note to his teacher, and I did. I hope he gave it to her. I think he likes his teacher, though. Yesterday before we went home he went up to tell her something.
Monday I face my students- 8 weeks of face to face classes, and online classes that continue all 16 weeks. I need to work on an assignment schedule this weekend that gives me some breathing space in November!

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