Wednesday, June 01, 2011


"Have a nice day at school, Ali," I said as he headed out.
"I love you, mommy. And tell the baby I love it, too."
"Ali loves you baby," I say in the direction of my belly.
Sometimes, when he isn't in a hurry to get to school, Ali kisses the baby via my belly. He's going to be a very loving big brother.
Everything was great at the midwife today. I have to do my food chart still, but was glad I haven't since last night's dinner was pizza and the midwife was the same one I had when I did my food chart with Ali, and she's very strict.
My back is doing better now that I've done some exercises, and I saw the chiropracter today. She tells me she likes to see her "Preggos" throughout the pregnancy, and I've scheduled a massage along with my adjustment next week.