Sunday, April 03, 2011

April Fools Day

Leila loves to think of tricks to play. After she brushed her teeth on the 31st, she told me not to go into that bathroom until the next morning. I thought something was wrong- like a big mess or something on the sink- but she assured me it wasn't that. Of course, I had to go into the bathroom to brush my own teeth, so I saw her note written with white board marker on the mirror- "Happy April Fool's Day, Mommy." then I found the spider she'd put inside the cabinet.
I decided to play my own trick on her, and switched all the bags of cereal around in the boxes. Then I had to remember where the Sweetened Wheatfuls were for my bedtime bowl. But in the morning the trick worked well, and she appreciated it. She even switched the spider to the front of the mirror with tape.

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