Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Bike

Ali's been needing new tires for his bike for ages. We got the bike- one of those minis- for free from some friends. It was a girl's bike, but H and a friend spray painted it red in the friend's body shop, and it was as good as new. Except for the tires. I finally got to the bike store and bought new tires and inner tubes- $30 for the whole thing. For that price, we realised, we could practicallly get another bike. So I asked our friend across the park today about her son's bike, a size up from this mini, and Ali is now the proud owner of a "new" bike- this time definitely a boy's- and not much more money than the tires.
Speaking of the boy, he was absolutely hilarious in the shower tonight singing a song he was making up, I think, as he went along. One of their friends taught them "I throw my sandwich in the air sometimes, singing Wayooo, where's the Mayo?" and they've taught it to their friend's at school. Ali taught it to his classmates, and then one of Leila's classmates was singing it the next day because his sister had taught it to him. Now they are riffing on it- Ali's friend changed it up a bit, and this is what he was singing in the shower and adding to. Next time I'll have to post the words here.

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