Thursday, February 03, 2011

More snow

We're on snow day number 3. Leila wants to do something- I tell her there is nothing to do, but she says there are millions and millions of things to do.
Yesterday we ventured out to a friend's house down the street. I also got domestic with pancakes yesterday morning for breakfast. Luckily we don't need power to cook, since we had rolling black outs that shut us down a couple of times.

Ali has on two pairs of pajamas to keep warm. Here he is testing the ice. He was only outside a couple of minutes.
Today I had to get creative as we are almost out of bread. We had Pigs in a Blanket for lunch, though Leila was trying to think of another name since we don't eat pork. (These are beef hot dogs cut in half.)
I think Habib is going to venture to the store soon, and maybe he'll return my overdue library dvd, too. I'm thinking pizza for dinner- homemade, of course.

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