Wednesday, February 09, 2011


While in the drop off lane yesterday morning, Leila started telling us about what they'd done Monday on the field we were inching past. She and her friends had told scary stories and someone had said there was a ghost at the gym next to the field.
Ali said that someone had told him there was a ghost at their school, as well. He sounded worried, and the night before had woken up from a scary dream involving ghosts. Leila said there isn't any such thing as ghosts, but there are spirits.
I reminded him that God is stronger than any ghosts or spirits, and he should remember that if he got scared. But I also assured him that there wasn't a ghost at school and nothing would bother him. Then he said, "You can be friends with ghosts." I let him know I didn't want him being friends with any ghosts.
Last night he lingered on my bed after story time and prayers, too scared to go to bed even though he rooms with his sister. I prayed one more time, specifically about his fears, and he went off to bed happily.

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