Thursday, January 06, 2011

No bang, just lots of whimpering

2011 has not been kind to us. Actually, it's not really 2011's fault. These things that keep annoying us certainly didn't happen in the last week.
Yesterday it was the gas company turning off our gas after finding a leak. They had come out to change our meter (apparently $8 is not what we should have been paying for gas for the last few months) and discovered that we had a problem. I spent the morning calling plumbers to find the best price. We finally settled on someone cheap and crossed our fingers that he would do a good job.
He actually showed up yesterday afternoon to assess things, and then this morning was here about 9 with a crew of two guys to start digging. Luckily they were hard working and the trench- 47 feet long and about 2 feet deep- was done early this afternoon. Meanwhile, the plumber and his partner were scouring the house for leaks. There were two big ones under the house (thus, luckily no boom) and probably a couple of small ones. We took the opportunity to clean behind the pulled out fridge and clean the sides of the pulled out stove.  I had to move the unwashed dishes around the small kitchen to give them room to work. The city inspector came out really fast and checked everything, and we're just waiting for the gas company to come by and turn everything back on and light our fires. After a chilly evening and microwave nuked tea, I'm looking forward to a heated house, a home cooked meal, and hot water.
We got by with lots of blankets and a heater our neighbor lent us. Luckily it didn't get too cold. I thought it was going to take a couple of days, so we're happy.

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