Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas gifts

Grandma and Grandpa brought some gift bags in for the kids to open. Inside they each found a pair of red socks, and a handwritten note. Gma asked Leila to wait so Ali could read his himself- and he did, with much help.
Leila was dancing around the room, while he slowly sounded out the words. Even then he didn't quite get it.
They both said a big thank you for the surprise, and Ali didn't forget to thank Grandma for the socks, either.


Brown English Muffin said...

What an awesome idea of having the little one read it first, what a test of patience for the older one!!! LOL

Lomagirl said...

Yes, but it toned down the excitement factor of it. Still, it's a great gift.
Actually, it's raining today so we aren't going for a few days. California is supposed to be sunny!!